We are ready to help you with all of your painting enquiries!

If you are not sure which product to use, how to prepare or how to apply, please contact us for free expert advice.


If you or your customer requires a written specification before work is undertaken, or if you need help to understand a client’s specification, please contact us to discuss your requirements. We can create or interpret a specification from the information provided by you, or if appropriate we can arrange a site visit to survey and discuss the project.


We are proud to say that we are one of the very few paint distributors who are able to offer the services of our own Level 3 Certified – NACE Coating Inspector!

We offer a complete service, starting with the production of an Inspection and Test Plan along with other documentation such as Blasting and Coating Procedures, followed by each test and certification procedure required in your specification, through to final tests and reports.

All inspection and testing will be carried out in line with the specified international standards.

Colour Matching

Our tinting skills ‘cannot be matched’! They are based on a lifetimes work in the paint industry; we have a variety of ways to ensure that you receive the exact shade you require.

Our colour matcher has over 40 years’ experience. He can quickly match most colours by eye, offering an outstanding service.

We are a Rust-Oleum ColourShop and can assess colours using our ColourShop 2 photospectrometer or magic eye as it is often called.

For the more specialised colours, we can submit your dry sample to our suppliers for laboratory matching.

All tinted colours undergo rigorous quality control checking before they leave the warehouse.

Colour Charts

Online colour charts for…

RAL Classic

BS 381C

BS 4800

BS 5252



We can arrange to visit your premises to give advice or to demonstrate products or equipment. This may be done by our own staff or in association with the supplier’s representative.

Our premises are a venue for the Rust-oleum Academy; delegates are trained here by Rust-Oleum technical staff. As well as classroom discussion, delegates receive a handy reference manual and certificate of training.

When our suppliers offer a training day at their laboratories we can arrange for delegates to attend to gain first-hand experience of products and systems.


Your order will be fast tracked through our warehouse and will usually be delivered the same day or the next day. Our own vehicle and driver cover most of the arc from the banks of the Humber across to the York and Scarborough areas.

Locations not served by our own vehicle are covered using a parcel carrier.

Delivery can be made to your works or it can be arranged for the goods to go direct to site.

Most orders are delivered free of charge, however, bespoke deliveries or the use of a parcel carrier may incur a small charge.