Our customers often have a need for speciality coatings and so we offer a wide range of products manufactured for specific situations.

Popular products include…

Chlorinated Rubber

Offering superior water and chemical resistance, these coatings are widely used for the protection of concrete and steel in areas such as swimming pools.

Hammer Finish

A fast drying, special effect, metallic finish for spray application. Available in silver and a limited range of colours.


A high build vinyl sheen finish, Vinadac is ideal for the protection of galvanised steel in aggressive environments.

Rust Converter

A single pack water thinned, air drying. rust converter. Specifically designed for wire brushed and hand prepared rusty steel surfaces.

Line Marking

Heavy Duty Line Paint is a hard wearing line marking paint for interior and exterior surfaces, typically used on industrial floors, car parking bays, playgrounds and sports facilities.

High Temperature Resisting

Suitable for interior or exterior use, we have silicone based heat resisting coatings from a number of manufacturers which are able to withstand temperatures of 200c, 400c or even 750c.

Please contact us or request a call back to discuss your particular requirements with one of our experts.

Availability: Ex stock

Colour Range: Industry standard stock colours – Chlorinated Rubber and Vinyl tintable to British Standard, RAL and many other colour ranges.

Pack Size: 5L tins – Rust Converter and HTR Coatings also in smaller sizes.