High Performance

Our main partner for high performance coatings for steel is PPG Protective and Marine Coatings but we also regularly supply specified paint systems by other leading manufacturers including International and Sherwin Williams.

Whether you are fabricating new products or re-furbishing old we are able to provide solutions to meet your needs. We can supply specific products approved by the Highways Agency and Water Industry as well as paint systems approved by Network Rail. For the chemical and petrochemical industries we have a range of specialist tank coatings and pipe linings as well as systems for associated steel structures.

With our home city of Hull developing as a hub for offshore energy installations we are often called upon to supply systems which are approved to ISO 12944-6 or NORSOK standards. The NORSOK M-501 standard was developed for challenging offshore environments, and has since become the predominant standard for the selection of coating materials, surface preparation, application procedures and inspection for protective coatings to be applied during the construction and installation of offshore installations and associate facilities.

Our technical skill and years of experience will be fully applied in helping you select and apply the best high performance coating system for your situation. From the drawings right through to the monitoring and testing of the applied paint system by our own NACE 3 inspector you can rely on full technical support from IPS.

Please contact us or request a call back to discuss your particular requirements with one of our experts.

Popular products include…

Sigmafast 278

A twin pack, high solids, zinc phosphate epoxy primer and build coat giving excellent corrosion resistance in atmospheric exposure. This product has a wide range of uses, it is easy to apply, fast drying and cures at temperatures down to -5ᵒC.

Sigmacover 280

A twin pack, universal epoxy anticorrosive primer, based on pure epoxy technology which has excellent adhesion to steel, galvanised steel and non-ferrous metals. It provides superb corrosion resistance and recoatability, good flow and wetting properties making it ideal for touching up weld seams and damaged areas of epoxy coatings during construction.

Sigmacover 400

A high performance, high solids, self-priming, twin pack epoxy which is suitable for application over a range of substrates including prepared damp surfaces and most existing coatings. It is abrasion resistant and has good resistance to splash and spillage of chemicals. A winter grade, Sigmacover 2, is also available.

Sigmadur 520/550

A twin pack aliphatic acrylic polyurethane finish with easy application and unlimited recoatability. It has excellent resistance to atmospheric exposure conditions resulting in superb gloss and colour retention. The finish is tough and abrasion resistant and resists splashes of oils and mild chemicals. Sigmadur 520 dries semi-gloss and Sigmadur 550 gives a gloss finish.

Sigmashield 880

Primarily designed for use in offshore splash zone maintenance, this twin pack, high build, polyamine adduct-cured epoxy coating has outstanding resistance to sea water, corrosion and abrasion. It provides long term protection in a single coat application and continues to cure when immersed in water.

Availability: Ex stock

Colour Range:

280 – Small range of priming colours

278 & 880 – Standard stock colours with an option to tint to British Standard, RAL and many other colour ranges.

400, 520 & 550 – Tintable to all British Standard, RAL and many other colour ranges

Pack Size: 4L tins and/or 20L drums