Fire Protection

We are approved suppliers of the wide range of fire protection coatings which are needed to comply with the requirements of Building Regulations and to satisfy the local Building Control and Fire Officers.

We are one of the few distributors who are authorised to use the coating manufacturer’s fire estimation software; this enables our trained staff to specify the correct fire protection system for each individual project. Using your steel section sizes we provide a complete package which includes the appropriate product selection, specification for work, schedule of application thicknesses and where required, dry film thickness checking. The use of our services at the design stage can be very useful as we can advise on the most cost effective balance of steel section sizes and paint film thicknesses to achieve the required level of protection. With products from leading manufacturers such as Sherwin Williams and PPG, all designed to meet the UK ASFP ‘Yellow Book’ and international standards, we can satisfy requests for 30 minutes to over 2 hours protection.

Please contact us or request a call back to discuss your particular requirements with one of our experts.

Popular products include…

Firetex FX5060

This water based thin film intumescent coating is designed for application by airless spray to provide fire resistance for periods of up to 60 minutes on structural steel in internal dry environments.

Firetex FX5062

Providing fire resistance for periods of up to 90 minutes, FX5062 water based thin film intumescent coating is designed for structural steel in internal dry environments. Application by airless spray.

Firetex FX1003

This solvent based single pack thin film intumescent coating is designed for site application by airless spray, to provide fire resistance for up to 120 minutes on structural steel. FX1003 can resist normal weather conditions for up to 6 months without topcoat provided it has had appropriate drying before exposure.

Bollom Flameguard Ultra – Acrylic Eggshell Topcoat

Bollom Flameguard Ultra – Acrylic Eggshell Topcoat is our tintable  topcoat for use over other Bollom Flameguard products. This coating gives a hard wearing and protective eggshell finish. Comes in either white or can be tinted to BS4800, RAL840HR and NCS colour ranges.

Should you require a gloss or vinyl matt finish, please contact us as we also have suitable products for this.

This product comes in a 5 litre tin.

Bollom Flameguard Ultra Primer / Undercoat

The product is designed for use on bare and previously painted non-combustible surfaces, including plaster, cement, concrete and old paint work. Flameguard Ultra Primer / Undercoat blocks stains whilst sealing pourous surfaces, and provides a perfect base for your chosen topcoat.

Ideal for previously painted surfaces with excellent adhesion properties, the product is also water based and free of any harmful solvents.

This product comes in a 5 litre tin.

Broflame Ultra Basecoat

Broflame Ultra Basecoat is a water-based intumescent base coat for Timber.

  • Archives Class 0 fire protection rating to BS476:Parts 6&7
  • Perfect for all types of timber in communal areas (e.g public buildings, schools and hospitals)
  • Apply by brush, roller or spray
  • Always use with Flameguard Ultra decorative topcoats.

For products suitable for other substrates please check out other products in our Bollom fire protection range.

Brosteel Ultra 60

This is a water based intumescent paint for steel. The product is designed to provide 30 and 60 minutes fire resistance on interior steel.


  • Provides 30 minutes fire protection in only one coat, 60 minutes in two.
  • Can be applied with a roller, brush or airless spray. Quick drying and easy application.
  • To be applied to suitably primed structural steel
  • Can be overcoated with Bollom Flameguard Ultra Topcoats for a decorative or protective finish.
  • Certificate of Conformance and Installation is issued with every correctly applied purchase upon request.
  • Fully fire tested BS476:Part 20/21:1987.


Please contact us for more information about pack sizes, colours and availability. We are also happy to answer any technical questions you may have.