We know that it is important to protect and maintain both our personal and company assets, preferably by planned maintenance but sometimes when the worst happens, by emergency repair. In partnership with Rust-Oleum we can offer a full range of coatings for both scenarios although we hope that by using our maintenance products you will avoid those emergencies!

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Roof Coatings are often the most cost effective way of renovating the roofs of commercial and residential buildings. Our product range includes Dacfill for sloped and horizontal roofs, Noxyde for metal roofs, DAC Hydro for roof tiles and Fillcoat for immediate waterproofing.


The range includes a product for every ‘flat’ roofing restoration; they quickly provide a waterproof coating for most roofing substrates whether free draining or subject to ponded water.


This elastic, water based anti-corrosive coating is the perfect solution for metal roofs; it follows the expansion and contraction of the metal, maintaining a continuous water proof film. Delivering excellent adhesion to minimally prepared surfaces it provides superb edge corrosion protection.

Dac Hydro

These water based acrylic roof tile paints are designed for renovating most mineral substrates. Providing a durable decorative finish DAC Hydro D renews and protects concrete and terra cotta tiles whilst Dac Hydro Plus can also be used over primed surfaces such as slate.


Providing immediate waterproofing, Fillcoat can be applied in all weather conditions and is ideal for repairing roofs, gutters, ridges and around chimney stacks and vents. It has excellent adhesion to various substrates and is also available with fibres for bridging cracks up to 2mm.


Sooner or later all cladding systems deteriorate and maintenance is required. This can vary from the major refurbishment of a failing system to a change of corporate colour. Our products can be applied to almost any cladding system and include Metal Cladding Primer and Topcoat for rejuvenation projects and Noxyde for the repair of damaged and corroded surfaces.

Metal Cladding Primer

A water based primer especially designed for application on weathered metal cladding, it can be used on bare or blasted steel, galvanising, zinc, aluminium and sound plastisol. It provides corrosion protection under light industrial exposure conditions if followed by Metal Cladding Topcoat.

Metal Cladding Topcoat

Decorative semi gloss, single pack water based topcoat. For use on metal cladding or any metal surface primed with Metal Cladding Primer, PVDF Primer, Noxyde or Peganox. Metal Cladding Topcoat provides a durable finish and has excellent UV-resistance, it is easy to clean and maintain, delivers high filling and hiding power and excellent flowing properties.


Noxyde is the ideal coating to repair cladding showing signs of chalking, cracking/crazing and corrosion, delivering excellent adhesion to minimally prepared surfaces it also provides superb edge corrosion protection. The repair system based on elastomeric membrane technology is by far the best solution available.


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We have a complete product range to decorate and waterproof external walls and facades. The systems provide a variety of properties ranging from application over a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions to flexibility and crack bridging. Products available include Murfill elastic waterproofing coatings, Paracem high quality wall paint, Durbocem for damp walls and Secco Super colourless water repellent.


A water based, colourfast, crack bridging coating which remains permanently elastic, preventing tears, flaking and blistering. The microporous structure provides 100% waterproofing, which combined with water vapour permeability keeps the wall totally dry.


A high quality acrylic wall paint for inside and outside use on old or new substrates such as masonry, cement rendering or plaster, concrete, tiles, plaster boards and wooden panels. The coating is highly durable, has perfect saponification resistance, particularly high covering capacity, is water vapour permeable, hardly permeable to rain and has excellent weather resistance.


A single pack, solvent based, acrylic coating ideal for painting damp walls and cellars. Durbocem builds a strong bond with damp, chalking surfaces and is particularly useful on cement based substrates. Designed for brush application it can be recoated with Paracem when the substrate is dry.

Secco Super

Based on polysiloxanes, this is a colourless water repellent coating for porous exterior walls.  The water vapour permeable solution can be applied by brush, roller or spray to cement, brick and concrete and does not change the colour of the substrate.


Locations in the food and medical sectors increasingly require scrupulously clean facilities; surfaces must be easy to clean and withstand disinfectants or chemical products. Our systems are designed to withstand the severe cleaning cycles and chemical exposure usually encountered in dairies, abattoirs, breweries, food processors, hospitals and industrial kitchens. Products include 8300/8700 Mould Resistant Coatings, 5500 Twin Pack Solvent Free Epoxy, 5090 Anti Condensation Coating and Biosan Hygiene Coatings.

8300/8700 Mould Resistant Coatings

8300 solvent based and 8700 water based, single pack, quick drying hygienic coatings contain fungicides that are not removed by washing. 8300 is ideal for use at low temperatures such as in refrigerated areas and can be applied and will dry at below 0ᵒC. 8700 is practically odourless during application and is very fast drying, allowing 3 coats to be applied in one day.

5500 Twin Pack Solvent Free Epoxy

5500 gives a high build tile-like coating which can be applied to a wide variety of suitably prepared substrates, including masonry, steel, previous epoxy coatings and ceramic tiles. Applied at high film thicknesses the coating is cost effective and is certified for direct food contact and control of surface spread of flame. 5500 has superb resistance to humidity, immersion, abrasion and frequent chemical cleaning and offers a permanent solution to the problem of non-hygienic tile joints.

5090 Anti Condensation Coating

5090 is ideal for high humidity areas such as in breweries and wet rooms; it is designed to be used on ceilings and the upper parts of walls where water vapour formation occurs, in order to prevent condensation and dripping.


Significant extra hygienic protection is guaranteed with Biosan Hygiene Coatings for walls, ceilings and floors. Biosan contains the unique antibacterial agent Bactron which surrounds and partly penetrates the particles of resin and pigment. The active ingredient of Bactron has been scientifically proven to kill most types of bacteria, including ‘super bugs’ by a variety of different mechanisms, Bactron is not classified as harmful to humans and the active ingredient has food contact approval. The Biosan product range includes ‘Aqua’ single pack water based gloss, satin and matt finish for walls and ceilings; ‘Aqua Plus’ twin pack solvent free epoxy coating for walls and ceilings; ‘Ultra’ twin pack solvent free floor coating and ‘Sealant’ solvent free, elastic hygiene jointing paste.


Cleaning unsightly spray paint and marker pen ‘tags’ off our property is a major cost we could all do without, not only can the graffiti damage the substrate but repeated cleaning can also damage the surface which can then lead to other problems. Applying an anti-graffiti coating stops graffiti bonding to the surface making removal much easier and there is minimal change to the appearance of the surface to be protected.

Depending on the substrate and the severity of graffiti, Rust-Oleum offer the benefits of two different systems, Pegagraff and Graffiti Shield, two products from the range are described below…

Pegagraff Hydro

A colourless anti-graffiti protection for most painted surfaces. This twin pack, water based polyurethane acrylic varnish gives excellent UV resistance in a water vapour permeable film. The extremely abrasion and solvent resistant coating enables the quick and easy removal of most graffiti paints with Pegagraff Hydro Cleaner.

Graffitishield Hydro

A single pack, water based, permanent anti-graffiti coating, based on fluorized polymers, with unique anti-graffiti and hydrophobic properties, designed for application to all porous mineral surfaces, such as concrete, brickwork, and natural stone. Virtually invisible, water-vapour permeable, extremely UV resistant, very resistant to oils, solvents and chemicals, the coating will remain fully intact once graffiti has been removed, allowing for many rounds of cleaning with GraffitiShield Cleaner.

Availability: Depending on product, either ex stock or rapidly available.

Colour Range: Mostly premixed colour ranges, some products are tintable to British Standard, RAL and many other colour ranges.

Pack Size: Dependant on product